Alan Goad's Testimonial vs Nottingham Forest - Nov 16th, 1977

From The Scrapbooks Of Alan Goad

Slowly going through the scrapbooks of Alan Goad from his playing days at Hartlepool. Here is Alan's Testimonial Match played against Div 1 giants Nottingham Forest in November of 1977.

Alan’s career at Hartlepool started in 1967 after a brief apprenticeship stint at Exeter City. In the 11 years Alan spent at the club he collected programs, pictures, and newspaper clippings from the many matches he played in Hartlepool (418 in total). I am happy to share these memories so that Hartlepool Fans around the globe can enjoy a piece of history. Alan Goad is still ranked 5th in games played at the club, ranked 2nd in League Cup appearances, and is the only player in the club’s history to see the club go through 3 name changes. He is one of only a few players to have played every position, except for goalkeeper at the club and played up front for the big match against Forest.

Despite the club's luck and with very little money to be made Alan remained committed to the club, the fans, and the town of Hartlepool. He looks back fondly of his time at the club and the career he was fortunate to have.

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